Deriving from the rap scene, Gerard developed his sound from the experimental beat underground into a "magnificent symbiosis of indistinguishable influences and genres“ ( The result can no longer be labeled in a specific genre. Let's just talk about „Gerardmusic" instead.


While in 2013 he was talked about being the "hottest newcomer" (1Live) and "musical highlight" (Juice), today he is considered as one of the hottest Austrian exports. With his first two albums "Blausicht" and "Neue Welt" he was able to position himself in the Top 30 of the German Album Charts and Top 20 of the Austrian Album Charts. 


Numerous live performances such as Europe’s biggest hip-hop festival "Splash!" as well as performing as the opening act for Prinz Pi or Die Orsons and his later mostly sold out "Blausicht" / "Neue Welt" / "AAA" - tours, followed by a TV appearance at Circus Halli Galli.


His first album "Blausicht", which entered out of nowhere the Top 30 German Album Charts and the Austrian Top 15 Charts four years ago, was still strongly influenced by doubts, hopes and thoughts about an undefined future. On „Neue Welt", Gerard, meanwhile matured as an artist as well as a human being, paid homage much more to the current moment. For we can not change the past, only influence the future to a very limited extent. "Feelings are the only facts,“ - as stated by Kanye West.


„You also have to work for the ability to enjoy every moment in the future: If every single person discovered their true passion and, from now on, lived it unconditionally every day, we would have a New World.“


It may be a platitude, but in the two years between “Blausicht“ and “Neue Welt“, a lot happened in Gerards life. His grandfather, an important reference person in Gerards life, died and therefore Gerard dedicated "Licht" - an absolutely exceptional song on „Neue Welt“- to him. His grandfather was a passionate photographer, but he could never fully live this passion of his because he had to feed a family and go to war. Because of the recent intensive conversations with him, Gerard feels even more the duty to follow his inner destiny and try to make the world at least a tiny bit more beautiful with his art. Gerard does not want to change the world single-handed. He wants to be the piece of a puzzle in a larger movement and inspire other people with his music, not to pass their lives idly by. 


In the summer of 2017, he released his album "AAA" which was the first release of his new label „Futuresfuture“. The album title opens up the possibility for a variety of interpretations such as „Alles auf Anfang" / „Anders als Alles? " or "Access All Areas“. The latter especially in connection with the form of publication: The album could only be bought in a box, with a passport including Gerard’s mobile phone number, on which you could witness the development of new "Gerardmusic" with demos and voice messages.


The sound of "AAA" is the logical evolution out of the two predecessor albums "Blausicht" and „Neue Welt“. At the same time it represents a perfect mix between the two albums including more personal aspects as well as everyday observations.


Just in time for the start of his last tour Gerard released his single „Azurblau“. The name is not just by accident reminiscent of his well-respected debut album „Blausicht": "Azurblau" deals with many things that have changed since then and the one thing that still remains the same.