Grown up in the province of Lower Saxony, Mister Me began to rap as a teenager. Clear words are his passion, Hip Hop is his home. The ups and downs of life have ripened him from rapper to singer / songwriter. He suddenly deals with different topics, writes more emotional lyrics and picks up the guitar. His hybrid of rap and singing, his feeling for melodies and the urge for stories made him one of the most exciting newcomers in the German-speaking world.


Two years ago when Mister Me released his debut EP "Nackt" in complete self-direction, the immense feedback was not yet foreseeable: Canticles to the only 25-year-old Berliner, radio rotations, extraordinary videos and over 150 concerts in the entire German-speaking area. Whether solo or as the opening act of Gloria and Silbermond, who he accompanied on their entire open air tour: Mister Me inspired and earned a loyal fan base that eagerly awaited his debut album „Zeit bleibt Zeit", which was released on October 27, 2017.


The first single "Kokon" went in a different direction than the emotional prelude track „Zeit bleibt Zeit": An energetic and pushing forward up-tempo song, which calls for personal change, a conclusion with externally determined specifications, a step out of the Comfort Zone! Mister Me: "It's all about the typical automatisms, which you put into your everyday life without concretely thinking about it. One should not be afraid to do his own thing and not be put off by others and his own fears.“


With his single "Krieger" Mister Me made it to the cover of the Spotify "Deutsch Pop" - Playlist and his single "Kokon" generated more than 100.000 streams on Spotify in the first week. „Feuer frei", on the other hand, is an uptempo energetic and pushing forward song that encourages you to illuminate your inner flame! Every human being should remember their inner core, because humans are incredibly exciting creatures. Especially in dark hours one should remember what great powers and abilities dives in oneself.“